• Dominique Jones

Welcome to Operation Turning Point!

If you're reading this, it's not by accident.

Having been homeless, I founded this organization so that I could help even one person. I remember sleeping in my vehicle having nowhere to stay and feeling ashamed because I was working everyday, I had family, but I still had nowhere to lay my head. Once I got out of that situation, I was determined to give back and help pull someone else out.

Who is that person?

It could be you. The you that is reading this blog trying to figure out what this company is about and the story being told. It could be a friend, a neighbor, or even a stranger. I had strangers help me without expecting anything in return and with that bit of confidence, I was able to work to dig myself out of the hole that I was in.

How can you help?

I'm glad you asked. Contrary to popular belief, just giving the homeless money does not "fix" their situation. We are looking for donors so that we can provide housing, and volunteers to help with our events and activities that contribute to our mission.

We look forward to partnering with you and ending homelessness, one person at a time.

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